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Frequently Asked Questions

When will eStatements be available?

eStatements are available within 48 hours of your statement cycle date. Bank of Western Oklahoma statement cycle dates are the 15th of each month for consumers and the last day of the month for commercial customers.

Will past statements be available after I opt-in?

Yes, past statements will be available for up to 12 previous months.

How long are statements available on the Net Teller site?

Your previous 12 statements will be available in your eStatements.

Can you print out your statement?

Yes, you can print any e-statement available.

Can you download your statement?

Yes, you may download and save your eStatements to your local drive.

Will I get a statement for all my accounts?

Yes, any checking or savings accounts that are currently linked to your NetTell account will be able to opt-in to eStatements.

What if I change my mind and want to receive my statements through the mail?

If you change your mind at any time, you may opt-out of eStatements and return to receiving paper statements in the mail by simply contacting your local Bank of Western Oklahoma location.

Can I send my e-mail notifications to multiple addresses?

Yes, with eStatements you may choose to have copies of your statements sent to as many other people as you wish such as joint accounts holders, trustees and accountants.

What if I can’t access my account or have problems?

If you experience problems with your eStatements, you can contact Bank of Western Oklahoma for assistance.